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As the growing importance of logistics arises from companies becoming globalized to gain access to new markets, realize greater production efficiencies, and top technological competencies beyond their own geographical borders.
Customers are MFL centre of attention. We do serve with warm and comfortable touch to them. And they can rest assured that we look forward to develop the relationships in a more positive and always honor our commitments to them, which is a fundamental value for us.
Thus our purpose is to serve customers by designing, building, and operating innovative logistics solutions which measurably improve quality, cost, and customer service.


Our Services

Our buying power throughout the world, with the unique MFL pooling concept, is your gain.
Flexible and reliable Air transportation, tailored to customer needs around the world.
Magnate Freight Ltd (MFL) can give you the best possible solution for your Land Freight needs.
We store, handle and distribute customer goods professionally on customer behalf.
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